Famous College comedy entertainer
3 PACKAGE OPTIONS Easy One Stop Shopping

WE HAVE 3 PACKAGES TO CHOOSE FROM to make your entertainment shopping easy and effortless. Why book different vendors and crowd your event with unsitely piles of equipment and event flow interuptions. We have over 25 years of entertaining excellence to make sure your event flows smoothly from the beginning to end. Professional and seamless transitions from the dinner or pre-show music to the Jeff West comedy hypnosis show and then opening the music requests to keep your guests engaged on the dance floor. All genres of our dancable music is fully "connect music licensed" and we are a proud member of the Canadian Professional DJ Association.

Location of stage: Keep stage away from noisy high traffic areas such as main entrances, bar, kitchen or bathrooms. (Best to arrange for bar and kitchen to close for the first 30 minutes of show) Hypnosis Stage area must be located against a back wall with no audience behind or within 6 feet of sides of stage. DJ Table Must be close to the dance floor to engage participation.

Hydro: Please supply clean properly wired 115 volt AC hydro plug or outlet near or at stage for our included sound system.

Note: If you know your audience absolutely hates participation entertainment this show is not for you. This is all about great clean fun, motivating excitement, good sportsmanship and team building.
This show is based totally on audience participation.

We can provide a PROFESSIONAL DJ ENTERTAINER? CPDJA Professional DJ, Fully Insured, with years of entertaining excellence. Jeff and his assistant bring over 20 years of experience to the dance floor offering the widest collection of music and request options so your guests are entertained with their favourite music tastes throughout the evenings activities. Excellent sound environment with High End "Bose" speakers makes sure your guests can clearly hear announcments and can enjoy high fidelity music playback. With 1000's of successful events to draw experience from, Jeff will fill your event with fun and laughs like never before.

PARTY PLUS PACKAGE (Full evening of entertainment) Dinner Music, Pre Show Music, 50-75 minute Jeff West Hypnosis Show and all request Discjockey dancing to your event end, to supersize your event and keep your planning simple, effortless, cost efficient and running smooth!