Famous College comedy entertainer
Stage Requirements

Please provide adequet space and comfortable SMOOTH CONTOUR BACK chairs for the best laughs.

Note: If your event has a bar, locate it as far from the stage area as possible as loud noisy distractions in the beginning of the show can interfere with participants focus.

Best to close bar for the first 35 minutes of the show to enhance participation.

Elevated Stage Size

WE NEED SPACE !!! Either elevated or on the floor. If you have a group over 250 guests we suggest an elevated stage of 12" to 24" high for best audience viewing.

Dimensions of stage should be 16' deep by 24' wide and carpeted for best presentation.

For elevated stages 12’ deep by 24" wide is the minimum stage space accepted. Carpeting on stage is not required but can be a huge asset!

Note: If elevated stage does not meet specified minimum size we must setup on the floor, for safety reasons and to have enough room for the stage participants required. (24'x16' min. floor space) again, Audience must be seated in front of performer.

Location Of Stage


Place audience tables on dance floor if needed and move them after the performance for dancing.

Keep stage away from noisy high traffic areas such as main entrances, bar, kitchen or bathrooms. (Best to arrange for bar and kitchen to close for the first 35 minutes of show)

Stage must be located against a back wall with no audience behind or within 6 feet of sides of stage.

"Smooth Back" Armless Chairs

22 comfortable armless chairs with padded seats and smooth contour backs! The more comfortable the chairs, the better the show!

Folding chairs or uncomfortable "bare metal back chairs with round, square or twisted style backs are not acceptable as volunteers cannot sit back and relax and also" for safety reasons!!!

If volunteers are distracted by uncomfortable or cold seat backs they cannot stay focused on the hypnotist

Make sure they understand this Crucial detail!

Chairs with Smooth seat and smooth contour backs only, on stage! (see photos shown below for accepted chair styles)
Funny entertainment for business meetings with Jeff West

Stage Lighting

Stage should be located in a well lit area so audience can see volunteer’s faces on stage. What’s the point of entertainment if you can't see it...a very common problem unfortunately. (If venue cannot provide lighting we offer a professional lighting package at a small additional fee or your venue may have outside resources available to you.

Audience Seating


Please allow Jeff to select the volunteers.
Audience should be seated about 4-6 feet away from front of stage prior to start time.

Make sure there is enough space between tables to easily get to stage. However it’s important to keep a very intimate atmosphere to create the best possible audience participation situation.

Never have an empty dance floor in front of stage as it separates your audience into 2 separate groups instead of one large group, and this greatly minimizes audience participation (this is called a party killer setup). People participate the most when they’re packed together as a collective group!

Arrange to have staff move a few tables after the performance for dancing space if needed, it only takes 5 minutes as guests will want to get up anyway to have a stretch, have a washroom break or get a drink etc.

Volunteer Selection

Hundreds of corporate shows have taught us that most corporate or small audiences are a little shy and reluctant to participate at the start of the performance...this just adds to the excitement!

Once Jeff explains and dispels all the myths around television shows, explains it's a clean content show and there’s actually a few benefits to participating... we rarely have any problem filling the chairs on stage. Jeff has a fun way to get the audience to actually pick themselves to volunteer in the show.

Again, it's about having great clean fun at the expense of no one. Jeff's routines are designed to have the audience laughing at the situations presented and not at the individuals participating. The show has nothing to do with anyones personal life and no personal information is allowed to come out in the show. Its all about creating laughs in routines that everyone can imagine themselves in. Everyone will have a great time, on or off the stage.


Please supply clean properly wired 115 volt AC hydro plug or outlet near or at stage for our included sound system.

Room Temperature

Should be about 75 degrees (22 celcius) or warmer for stage participants to be comfortable. (Not too cool)

Fun Facts

If you know your audience absolutely hates participation entertainment this show is not for you. This is all about great clean fun, motivating excitement, good sportsmanship and team building.Every show is different depending on your group dynamics. Fun atmosphere usually promotes a fun show.
This type of show is based totally on the audiences participation.
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