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Audience Participation Comedy with a "Hypnotic" twist!

Experience the ultimate comedy adventure in corporate entertainment today as jeff pulls out all
the stops, to create the funniest interactive CLEAN CONTENT SHOW your funny-bone has ever witnessed! NON STOP LAUGHS FOR INTERACTIVE TEAM BUILDING EVENTS AND SOCIAL EVENTS!

Great entertainment for celebrating your corporate grand moments, large or small.

Witness the most explosively funny show on the planet. Trusted by top corporations across Canada to bring your audience the most well produced, hilarious, interactive and cleanest content, guaranteed to please all cultures and ages in your diverse audience. This show excites Group cohesion and participation from all attendees.

Jeff stands above the rest as a seasoned consistant motivational entertainer that utilizes years of experience to engage even the most difficult of audiences. Jeff's extreme entertainment skills allows him to specialize in smaller venues and audiences as long as audiences are ready to participate in some great clean fun. It's always about audience participation and good clean fun, without embarrassing anyone, on or off the stage.

Participants are never allowed to speak about their personal lives or personal secrets, speak profane language or present inappropriate gestures. Jeff has been a preferred top corporate entertainer for most of his career because of these high standards... on and off the stage. Jeff always sets up prior to guests arrival whenever possible to make sure everything is ready when you are. The advantage of partnering with the Jeff West show is his 20 years plus of corporate entertaining excellence, the highest presentation standards in the business... and always 100% clean content.

The aim is to get the audience laughing at the hilarious scenarios presented by
Jeff's witty mentalism scripts... and not at the individual participants on stage. This show is ALWAYS CORPORATE CORRECT... and every show is reflective of your audience's dynamics.

Option 1: Jeff West Comedy Hypnotism Show (60-75 minutes)
Option 2: Multi-tasking Can Make You Dumber (Stress Seminar 1 - 4 Hrs)
Option 3: Team Building Seminar:
Includes: Stress Management of Home, Work & Personal Stuff.
How to Manage other peoples stuff & Jeff West Comedy Show (3 Hrs - Full Day packages)

Jeff is a certified corporate consultant and Sought after Television Celebrity expert on Managing the subconscious mind for success at Home, work and life.
Seminars are designed to enhance creative problem solving abilities in stressful situations, managing change in the work environment and overall workplace wellness.
Clientele including: TD bank, Best Buy, Shell Canada, Rogers, Air Canada and more!


Chatham-Kent Community Health Team Building
Just wanted to take a moment and thank you again for the wonderful team building day on December 6th!
All the staff very much enjoyed themselves

I truly enjoyed having you present at my territory meeting, I have heard from several retailers indicating how insightful and impactful your words could change a team way of thinking.

Your way of thinking is your most powerful tool in success, believing in your vision before it even happens will make it happen. Changing your old habits to new practices, behavioral change.
Celine S.

Grand Erie District School Board Team Building
Once again, I wanted to thank you for the great team building day that we had last August. It was an excellent presentation in the morning on dealing with the stuff and stresses in our lives. It was very informative.

The afternoon was a blast! Everyone had such a great time. We were all, of course, laughing for weeks following the day. I was so surprised on the level of participation that you were able to get from our group - it was a wonderful surprise! In light of last year's event being so great, we would like to welcome you back at this year (2013).

CITY HOUSING Stress Management Seminar
Jeff was terrific! He provided an engaging workshop full of valuable strategies our team could employ to manage stress. The team really enjoyed it. Thanks again for the great presentation!
Amanda Stringer Operations Administrative Assistant

Tri County Addictions Services Stress Seminar
Thank you for your delightful presentation to the joint general meeting of our Board of Directors and staff and the Board and staff of Alwood Treatment Centre. Your presentation combined a refreshing humorous approach with specific illustrations of the therapeutic utility of relaxation therapy to enable persons to have experiences remarkably different than their usual ones.

Discussions among our counseling staff in the week following your demonstration continued to recognize some of the opportunities for change that your interventions introduced to those who experienced your work: your showing dramatically how" the self" could be guided to a different experience of "reality" reminded all of us of alternatives to regular counseling.

Besides the clarity of your demonstration, the fact that one of our staff has been receiving training from you reassures us that we may be able to keep learning at least indirectly from your teaching-and keep helping the persons who come to us for relief from their problems with alcohol, other drugs, problem gambling, or concurrent mental health issues.

So, we've had two chances to gain from your teaching, and we've very much appreciated them.
David N. Executive Director