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Television Shows and Media Events Jeff has an extensive unique background in mentalism and the wonders of the subconscious mind. He has appeared and consulted on major networks such as The Discovery Channel, NBC, All The Rage, Mystery Hunters, The Morning Show Global Toronto, "Myth Busters" City TV with Avery Haines, Rogers TV, Radio shows including "The Fan 590 and CBC"

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Mythbusters Mailbag Hypnosis in sleep We get a lot of questions here at Discovery Channel Canada about myths you'd like too see busted. While Adam and Jamie can't answer all of these directly, our panel of experts is standing by to put your queries under the scientific lens.

Question: "Is it possible to hypnotize someone with something like a walkie-talkie or a baby monitor in their sleep?"

Status: True, and debunked
If there's anyone who can perform hypnosis through a telephone, it's Jeff Oatman , who has been touring and entertaining North America with his act for over twenty years.

And according to Oatman, who goes by the stage name of Jeff West, it is definitely possible to hypnotize someone over the telephone. In fact, he's done it himself. "It depends on how suggestible they are," says Oatman. "If they've been hypnotized before, it can take as little as twenty seconds. If they haven't, you can still do it, but it takes a bit longer."

How does he do it? "We use techniques and skills that we've practiced over time," he says. "Anything in our subconscious memory can be accessed if we can bypass our critical mind, which can only do one task at a time."

It's the second part of the question that proves to be problematic. A person who is hypnotized is not asleep, explains Oatman. In hypnosis, "the mind is actually hyper-alert, and the body becomes super relaxed.

For hypnosis to work on someone who is asleep, the hypnotist has to move the person from a sleep state into the hypnosis state by developing a bond with the subject. While a person slumbers, the mind is open to positive suggestion and "specific repetitive suggestions could be given over a baby monitor each night at a particular time each night," says Oatman. "Over a period of time the person could start to respond and react to the suggestions if their subconscious believed them to be beneficial." According to Jeff, a person will never do anything that goes against their moral code.

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